Carpet Re-Install

Carpet Re-Install


NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair proudly works hand-in-hand with other professionals.

Plumbers, Handy Men, Carpet Cleaners, Maid and Cleaning Services, Restoration Services, Water Mitigation Experts, Property Owners, Management Companies, Realtors, construction workers, homeowners, Inspectors, and more!

Professionals trust NuWay with their clients to put their carpet back together and get their home back to beautiful.

New carpet pad, thresholds, and tackless strips are installed as needed.  Carpets are re-stretched, repaired,  and re-installed using IICRC recognized procedures and tools.   Equipment like Carpet Power Stretchers are used to ensure proper tension is applied evenly across the entire room.

Our over 30 years experience gives us the confidence to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the carpet re-installation workmanship – that’s a Warranty unheard of in the industry!


After carpet flooding, restoration services, construction work, foundation and subfloor repair, etc – partnering with NuWay is a win-win.   We truly honor your relationship with your client and represent you – with professional, trust worthy, and on time reliable services.








Nothing feels better than walking bare feet on a soft, cozy carpet, keeping your feet off the cold and hard floor. Sure wooden flooring may be beautiful, but carpeting has its own charm. Carpets are pretty standard in American households as they add warmth to a chilling room, bring better design features to a sparce space, and provide quietness to an echoing room.

But if there are visible signs of damage to the carpet or the floor, you may need to repair the loss and re-install the carpet. At Frisco Carpet Repair, we do just that for clients like you. If the carpet is fading, we can dye it for you. If you need to re-install the carpet, we have the experience to do so.

For residents in or around Frisco, Texas, the NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair team is the name you can trust. Call us right away to get the help you need to restore your carpeting.

Signs You Need To Re-Install Your Carpet

Carpets are unique and require some level of maintenance to extend their lifespan.

If carpeting is your primary flooring, you may need to pull it off to inspect the subflooring beneath and review its condition from time to time. It will necessitate specific reattachment so that the carpet does not remain loose and unsafe.

Inspections are essential for visual and non-invasive evaluation of the subfloors. These keep you aware of the flooring cracks and damage so you can fix those right in time. Floors tell you a lot about the condition of your house in general and may help repair the damaged subfloor before re-installing the carpet.

Besides, with regular and heavier use, the carpet may lose its adhesion and develop wrinkles over time. If inspection and wrinkling isn’t the case with your carpet, look for these signs that suggest a carpet re-installation:

  • Carpets reaching their end of life
  • Lost plushness due to degraded padding
  • You are redecorating or renovating the house for a more aesthetic look
  • Excessive wear and tear with rips, holes, and threads coming off
  • An unbearable stench, toxic mold, inefficient cleaning, and water patches
  • Discoloration, stubborn stains, and unliftable patches of solid or liquid mess
  • Flooring problems like dampness or water (clean, gray, or black) damage
  • Continuous shedding of stapled or spun yarn carpets

When you finally decide to get rid of the old carpet and install a new one, choose the one that best fits your style and needs. You can re-install the carpet yourself. But, if you do need professional help, call the Frisco Carpet Repair experts.

Things To Know Before Ripping Off Your Carpet

Nothing dates a property more quickly than stained, ugly, and weathered carpeting. If you are thinking of pulling it off and installing a new one, hold off. Keep these few important things in mind before replacing the carpet:

  1. It may seem to be a simple task, but removing bulky and heavy carpeting is pretty daunting. You need to consider many elements that make the removal difficult and can run you into challenges. It is a job for someone with a more muscular back, essential tools, and knowledge of the different carpeting aspects. Thus, it is best to leave the process to the pros, who thoroughly understand the specifics.
  2. After scraping off the old carpet, you get the chance to look at the subfloor and address any surprise damage before re-installing a new carpet. The damage can be minor to severe and may take its own sweet time to correct.
  3. Next, it is essential to understand that getting a new carpet is much more than just its design and color. Appropriate padding, type, style, material, thickness, resilience, weight, brand, and budget all play a vital role in determining the proper carpet selection for your needs.
  4. Taking measurements is again a science, so the carpet appears seamless and does not break the pattern or flow of its overall appearance. Perfection demands expertise where an average homeowner may have a hard time getting a hold of.
  5. Cutting is yet another challenge to avoid creating awkward spaces. It needs skills and special equipment so you can put the carpet to fit around and give a finished look. In addition to cutting, carpet stretching is also tricky but provides a safe, uniform, and lasting installation.

DIY vs. Professional Re-Installation

Having a beautiful and durable carpet is a long-term and expensive investment. Sure, you can DIY if you are confident in your skills and have the requisite tools, but it can be time-consuming and tedious.

If you are reusing the old carpet, you can skip the troubles of choosing new styles and cutting them to fit. You can straight away get to unrolling the carpet and get to the hard work. Attach one side to the tack strip, stretch the carpet adequately towards the opposite side, and hook to the strip on that wall. Work systematically to avoid wrinkles. Hold the backing on top with a double-sided carpet tape stuck to the subfloor. Once the carpet is in place, press it firmly and hold it down for some time. The process may be tricky if you work with pieces.

So, to avoid any hassles and to produce a more finished and cleaner look, it is best to leave your investment to the pros at NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair. We are a one-stop-shop for your carpeting needs in Frisco, Texas.  When you call a Frisco Carpet Repair expert to re-install your carpet, we make sure the installation is ripple-free, cost-effective, and seamless. We ensure protecting your investment and the flooring underneath.

NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair Experts Are Dyeing To Serve Frisco Residents

NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair specialists offer efficient and consistent carpet re-installation services suitable for your unique needs.

We work hand in hand with skilled carpet professionals to put your carpets back together. We use recognized procedures and tools to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. Our knowledge and industry expertise gives us the confidence to extend guaranteed services and quality workmanship.

Partnering with us is an absolute win-win. We honor your relationship with us – you can count on us for reliable, professional, and on-time services.

To learn more about our carpeting services, please contact us today.




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