Spot Dyeing Carpet Stains

Spot Dyeing Carpet Stains



Carpet Dyeing has two facets:

  1. Wall-to-Wall Dyeing – to correct carpet with significant defects such as severe staining and fading.
  2. Spot Dyeing – Spot Dyeing is the answer to many common nightmares — like permanent stains in the middle of the carpet!   Our spot dyeing specialists can often blend these stains into the original color returning your carpet to like-new condition.

Spot dyeing allows us to correct many carpet problems that other professionals cannot solve, such as bleach stains, Kool Aide and Sport Drink stains, acne medication stains, and more.

If you have permanent stains caused by spills, pets,  or any of the multitudes of accidents that affect your carpet, our spot dying service will be a pleasant, cost saving solution for you.

NuWay’s decades of experience and extensive apprenticeship training ensure your carpet is corrected properly.   

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