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There’s a great cost saving solution for your property’s carpet problems!

Specialists in Carpet Dyeing & Carpet Repair


Since 1989, NuWay has helped clients just like you maintain a beautiful property, without the huge expense of buying new flooring.    NuWay specializes in on-site carpet dyeing and Carpet Repair for commercial and residential clients – including the hundreds of hotels and condos we have served.

NuWay has built its business on service.  We are committed to providing:


  • Prompt and courteous service
  • An honest evaluation of your carpet needs
  • The highest quality workmanship in the industry
  • A satisfaction guarantee backed by over 30 years of carpet dyeing, repair, and carpet restoration services.


Building Inspections

No need to fear Building Inspections as NuWay helps hotels Pass Inspection by correcting all sorts of carpet problems.    Ugly bleach stains, carpet tears, drink spill stains,  tripping hazards from carpet ripples, and more – all correctable when you hire NuWay.

Even problems on Patterned Carpets are no match for our proprietary Carpet Dye and Repair processes.

Recently we saved a Condo Association from replacing over $60,000 worth of carpet – all the floors had bleach staining issues which carpet cleaning could not improve.    Instead of the major investment of replacing 10’s of thousands of square feet of carpet (the carpet was only 6 years old), the carpets were restored with Spot Dye Processes, for a fraction of the cost of replacement!     Check out the before and after photos!

Every year we literally save 100’s of thousands of square feet of hotel, condo, and business carpet from an early grave –  Extending the life of your property’s flooring is smart for your yearly budget, your investment, and our planet’s environment!     Filling landfills with things that can be restored is simply not wise.

Additional Services:  We provide Carpet Spot Dye, Wall-to-Wall Carpet Dye, Carpet Repair, Carpet Patching, Feather Blending, Carpet Stain Correction, every aspect of Carpet Repair, and more.

If there is a carpet problem – NuWay has the solution.   

Don’t Replace It – Restore It!  😀

If you are looking for a professional you can trust to solve the problems in your carpet, contact NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair.     If we can’t fix it – it’s probably not fixable!  

 To learn more about our services, please contact us today.



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