Carpet Re-Stretch

Carpet Re-Stretch

Remember when your carpet used to look beautiful? It is not uncommon for carpet to loosen, causing ripples, pumps and waves that are not only unsightly, but even worse – are tripping hazards. Thankfully, you can do something about it. If your carpet has rippled but you’re not ready to replace it, then call NuWay Carpet Dyeing & Repair. We offer carpet re-stretching all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Why do ripples form?  

There are two main reasons a carpet will ripple or get wavy.

Reason #1

If ripples form within the first four years of installation, then it probably has to do with the way it was installed. Most carpet installers guarantee their workmanship for one year.   Many installers also don’t like using a critical tool in the installation process called the Power Stretcher.

The Power Stretcher Tool is large and time consuming when its use properly in all carpeted areas. So many installers simply don’t use it in all areas, some don’t use it at all. According to the IICRC (and our experience doing this since 1989 bears this out too) the only way to install a carpet properly, which means putting proper tension evenly across an entire room, is with the Power Stretcher.

If an installer doesn’t use this tool in all areas, the results rarely become evident in the first 12 months. So there’s not much incentive for the installer to use the Power Stretch. Not to mention that new carpet install is very hard work, which often doesn’t pay too well.

Especially when you see the specials like this: “$99 to install new carpet in your entire home!” which many stores have offered recently. It’s no shock the installer needs to rush through it.

Reason #2

The second reason is of no fault of anyone – but nature. Carpet is a fabric, a textile. The issue your carpet is exposed to the most is the environment.

Carpet expands during warm humid weather (summer), and contracts during dry cool weather (winter).  This expansion and contraction is minimal each time, but after several years of this cycle happening, the carpets has expanded enough that it begins to peak – creating waves or ripples. Usually it’s minimal at first, and at first it may seem to go away once the cool dry weather returns.

But once the next humid season comes – the ripples are back and often worse than ever.   Eventually, the ripples won’t go away, and re-stretching is needed. It is not uncommon that we remove several inches of excess carpet due to the naturally occurring expansion process.

Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Other than looseness, is there any other problem with your carpet? If not, then there’s no need to replace that carpet. New carpets are expensive. Why get rid of a perfectly good carpet because of one or two problems? You don’t have to waste your money. With carpet re-stretching, you can keep enjoying your carpet for many more years to come. Choose the cost-effective option. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Loose Carpet Hazards

Why should you have your carpet re-stretched?   Re-stretching extends the life of your carpet and loose carpet creates hazards and cosmetic issues.    

First of all,  there’s the tripping hazard. When your carpet has rippled, it has an uneven tread.   You, a family member, or one of your guests could easily trip over your carpet at any moment.  Having your carpet properly re-stretched can prevent injury at your home or property.

Second, loose carpet in and of itself is a cosmetic problem.  It makes your home look outdated and as though your home is not getting proper care. In addition, loose carpet can also lead to other cosmetic issues such as uneven wear and aging. The carpet’s uneven tread means that some places get extra damage from foot traffic.   This creates the uneven wear and tear. Some spots may look new while others look especially worn down.  

Home and Commercial

Loose carpeting can happen nearly anywhere. That’s why NuWay is happy to help both homeowners and commercial property owners. Whether you have loose carpet in your home, building, or both, NuWay Repair’ re-stretching service is here to help.



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