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Carpets are usually a hassle to clean and repair, but NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair’s professional staff is up to the task. Learn how you can get your carpets cleaned and repaired with this service.


Carpet Repairs


Carpet Repairs is NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair’s motto. We supply a wide range of services which they guarantee against any damage, including all stains, dirt, tear, and wear from carpeting. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides carpet repair services. They are available at reasonable prices and offer top-notch service throughout Frisco, TX area. Their carpet technicians have many years of experience and know-how to get the job done quickly, effectively, and at an affordable rate. If you have a carpet that is stained and needs to be clean, NuWay Carpet Dyeing will provide the service at an affordable price. We also offer upholstery cleaning and dry-cleaning with all the same quality of services.


Carpet Dyeing


Services NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair are proud to offer our customers the best carpet dyeing services in the business. Services NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides carpet-specific colors that can be difficult to find. It provides a variety of dyeing techniques from liquid, water-based to steam. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair is also one of the few providers that offer free inspection and estimates, so you won’t be out the expense of a service call. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair is a local carpet repair company that offers a wide range of services. The most popular service, they say, is their carpet dyeing service. Services NuWay offers dyes in over 100 colors so that you can select the shade that will work best for your room’s color scheme. They also offer basic dry cleaning services so if you get stains, they can be removed without ruining your carpet.

carpet stretch

Carpet Re-Install


If you need your carpet re-installed due to warping or bunching, our experienced carpet installers are available 24/7 to handle the job. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides a wide range of services from installation, patch work, and repair. They ensure that their clients receive the best possible service at all times with affordable pricing! If your carpet is stained and needs to be repaired, NuWay can assess the damage and make helpful suggestions for repair. They will use the process of hot-dyeing over the stained area, which makes the stain essentially disappear. The company also provides carpet repair with traditional methods as well as a video inspection before any work is performed. If you have carpeting in your home, NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair can help. Our service includes a complete and thorough inspection followed by the removal of any stains or discoloration on your carpets. Then our technicians will lay down a new pattern for your carpet, repairing the uneven parts with professional-grade dye. We also offer a variety of patterns and colors to choose from so that you can find the perfect look for your home.


Carpet Stretching


NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair can help with carpet stretching. Whether your carpets are too short, too long, or in need of a refresh, our service team will be able to help you. With NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair, you’re guaranteed to get the best service for the best price around. Carpet stretching is an important part of any carpet overhaul. The process not only makes your old carpet look new again but does so in a way that protects it from further wear and tear. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides carpet stretching services. We provide expert carpet stretching for homes, offices, hotels and condominiums. This is a service offered in order to help prevent the carpet from rippling, which can cause problems down the road. Our team of professional carpet repair specialists can help with any project you’ve got. Whether your carpets are stained, in need of repair, or just wavy from poor installation, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to complete any job.


Spot Dyeing Carpet Stains


NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides carpet cleaning and spot dyeing to residents around several states in the US. They are known for providing professional services for carpet stains in homes, offices, and commercial establishments. All their employees are experienced and trained to use the best equipment available. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides a thorough carpet spot dye removal service. We will come to your home, rent a truck, load the carpet, and let it dry off in our truck before returning it to you! NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides carpet spot dye services. We can dye any size stains or spots out of any type of carpet, upholstery or furniture material. All we need is a sample to start with. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides carpet spot dyeing services for a wide variety of stains. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.




Side Match and Carpet Color Blending


NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair offers a side match and carpet color blending service for office buildings and commercial properties. When side match problems occur due to hue differences in carpet panels, our side match and color blending procedures eliminate the unsightly difference in shades. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair Provides expert carpet dyeing, carpet blending, and all-around professional home service. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, they provide customers with quality workmanship at fair prices. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair provides the best services in and around the Texas area but can travel further based on the scope of the project. Our trained professionals can provide you with a free estimate or give an accurate time frame for when they will be there to finish your project. When you have that tear or stain on your carpeting, do you always have to replace the whole piece of carpet? NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair is a service that can help you repair some tears and spots as well. Not only do they provide high quality services, but they also care about the safety of their customers. Nu Way all offers additional Mill services such as carpet shearing, Pile Lifting, Carpet Steaming, Feather Blending, Complete Carpet Dye, Carpet Stain Correction, Spot Dye, all aspects of Carpet Repair, and more.

NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair supplies wall-to-wall carpet dyeing. We use the highest quality dye in our process. Our technicians will ensure that your carpet’s color is perfect before we place it back in your home. Your carpet will last longer and stay fresh with our professional service. Our Wall-to-Wall Carpet Dyeing and Repair Services can meet any need for your customers. We have a variety of carpet dye colors to choose from, so you shouldn’t worry about not supplying the perfect match. You have the choice of choosing from semi-permanent or permanent dyes, which is great for high traffic areas such as those in schools, gyms, and hospitals. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair Services offers a wall-to-wall carpet dye service that can be done in just a few hours. They supply three different dye colors, including red, royal blue, and green. NuWay Carpet Dyeing and Repair is a business that supplies wall-to-wall carpet dyeing and repair. There are many benefits to using NuWay’s services. Their technicians are highly skilled; they come to your home in order to offer you their expertise in the way of tailoring your carpet to your needs.

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